The Importance of a Hashtag.

In a global society it can be hard to make your voice heard, to be noticed, to be part of the conversation. When it comes to Social Media, there is a way to join the conversation. That is the use of a hashtag.

When posting on Social Media, whether it is from a personal account or your business account, the hashtag can be, and should be an intrinsic part of your post. It can get that post noticed by people, potential followers and potential customers who will tend to follow a hashtag, as opposed to a certain account.

To leave this simple symbol out of a post will limit the potential views that post could gain. You would be limited to your immediate followers, and there's should they interact with your post. This not only limits your audience, but could go some way to limiting your growth.

Multi Platform

If you are running multiple accounts, across multiple platforms, getting those hashtags to sync can be as important as using them in the first place. Not only does this give a sense of brand identity, but also brand continuity.

If potential customers are looking for you across platforms, having possibly one or two hashtag's that match throughout can be an easy tool for customers to find you. It is better from experience to have those main hashtags on each tweet you send out! While other platforms (LinkedIN, Facebook, Instagram) give you more freedom in adding more characters, therefore more hashtags, Twitter in its character limitation can be a good proving ground for you chosen inclusions, and whether they can work towards getting you into the conversation.


Social Media is not just for the perfectly sighted, there are consumers of varying disabilities that will use the platform you have chosen to promote yourself. While this may not seem like an issue at first glance, it becomes an issue if you have someone who is visually impaired, and rely on each post being read out to them.

This poses a major problem when it comes to the hashtag, but there is a simple fix.....capitalisation.

Let us look at an historic hashtag that was sent out on an official account:


While this may have been an oversight by the poster of this hashtag, it posed many problems, and sometimes funny variations of the hashtag, and never the one it was actually meant to be! By fixing this with capitalisation we get this:


Not only does the intended hashtag get read properly on the various software out there to help people, it saves from any embarrassment that connotations taken from the original may have brought towards the initial poster and the brand.

This will not effect your ability to be part of the conversation. A simple look on Tweetdeck, will show if you input both the above hashtags into separate search bars, you will get the same feed. The hashtag is the same, it is just written in a way that is easier to understand.


Another issue I have seen with a company I have worked with in the past, is the form of a hashtag. The words for the intended tag need to be connected and cannot involve any spaces. for example, let us again use the above tag.

#Susan Album Party

By putting the tag like this, the only thing it will search for, and link your post to the conversation about Susan. The Album Party part of the tag will be lost to 1's and 0's and will bring up an entire different set of search results when the tag is clicked.

Hope this helps someway in your own progression, but if you do have any questions please contact us!

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